Upgrade abductive reasoning

Insight engines

For those who can afford them, Insight Engines handle the heavy lifting in what OconEco sees as abductive reasoning. Yet even the best, as Gartner finds, are "challenging to deploy successfully, often relying on customized development built using APIs and software development kits (SDKs)." In short, they are better at passing the baton between humans and robots but hand-offs are still there and carry the greatest risks to as well as opportunities for winning results. Those interested in a deeper dive into Insight Engines may wish to request Lucidworks' Enterprise Search Buyer's Guide. Gartner rates Lucidworks #1 for external (website) and #2 for internal (Intranet) use cases.

OconEco's more cost-conscious solution depends more on man hand-offs; very heavily in moving between its four tools (M-LA, FIND, ISPP, SRoI) but also at critical junctures in each. These are the steps we will streamline in 2020.