Exchanging 'value signals'

Tools of the trade

We use our version of a Johari window to summarize results. We see this as 'pump-priming' of workspace content so all participants trust their Perspectives will be part of workspace dialogue.

Most stakeholder websites have explicit or implicit links to other online sources, notably for what each trusts for number-oriented evidence. Our version of a Dashboard of Sustainability structures dialogue about technologies of trust to promote 'convergence' about what constitutes relevant information--about number- versus word-oriented evidence but also about the importance stakeholders attach to any differences in Value Signals suggested by considering both--and sources and methods behind each, relative to the task at hand. 

Workspace participants express their Value Signals via Dashboards (see here for more). Those in workspace then exchange dashboards and negotiate a workspace consensus. Back to Johari window logic, we then help the client assess how costs and benefits will vary depending on how much weight is given to each stakeholder group.