OconEco Toolkit

NOTE: Our tools (M-LA, FIND, ISPP, TRoI) are in transition from consulting adjuncts to stand-alone and conjoint tools clients can manage. We expect to begin limited modular production in Fall 2020 with timing and sequence of full-scale operations based on demand.

Our tools treat tasks as exercises in abductive reasoning. We all use inductive and deductive reasoning but switch at different points in a decision-making process based on how a task fits individual 'priors'. Bounded by information in a workspace, M-LA provides participants pre-processed information and conventional stakeholder positions. FIND lets workspace participants agree to add content. ISPP structures outreach from those in a workspace to others the collective agrees are worth engaging. FRoI helps participants exchange views on what they expect will happen to the relative value of M-LA content, as agreed in the workspace.

Multi-Local Analytics (M-LA)


OconEco supports decentralized, market-oriented systems for allocating resources. It uses 'big data' tools to help investors find places that fit their interests--while helping locals make their case to investors. The 'bottom line' is creation and distribution of wealth, broadly defined. The hard part is getting agreement on how all those involved in the process will share in benefits--and cover costs. M-LA therefore includes metrics assessing efficacy of legal and social contracts, etc.; from local to international levels.

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Stakeholder engagement (FIND)


OconEco doesn't pretend to have the answers. We offer tools that find and engage those who may: your 'stakeholders', as you define them. Our user interface is the First Integrating Navigator for Development (FIND), which blends quantitative data in M-LA and results from our word-oriented distillery, Corpus Minder. Users you select then send 'value signals' about relevance and importance of information, relative to issues you have specified.


Outreach (ISPP)


OconEco doesn't think "build it and they will come." Connecting investors and producers takes work, Internet Search for Prospective Partners (ISPP) turns your M-LA and FIND routines into algorithms that look for task collaborators based on objective criteria. You receive filtered results how and when you decide and pursue leads your way or with OconEco pointers.


Future Return on Investment (FRoI)


FRoI applies Return on Investment metrics to a client's nexus of contracts; broadly defined to include social contract diagnostics. It treats all M-LA details as tradables but not all markets accept the same local currency, due to imperfect markets, incomplete contracts, etc. We treat this like broken cross-rates, which create arbitrage opportunities. The issue is then whether and if so how the client benefits from the status quo, versus arbitrage.

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