Workspaces for decentralized, market-oriented decisions

The world is swinging away from trust in central authorities--national governments, the global economic power grid they built at the end of World War II, and multinational corporations. This may be a temporary mood swing. Or, like managers of coal-fired power plants, central authorities may be so focused on squeezing residual value from legacy capital they can't see their new value proposition: managing a 'smart grid' that taps renewable economic energy. 

Smart grids rely more on local knowledge--of supply options and not just demand. This is usually discussed in Information Technology (IT) terms as it requires better two-way communication or feedback loops. OconEco's IT Toolkit provides such loops for a client's economic power system. 

A smart grid alters preference ordering of suppliers. For example, coal was the power source of first resort for most electricity grids until renewables came online. Now it is the power source of last resort. This means loss of value in owning 'the real' or base commodity. However, grid reliability and efficiency depend on producer of last resort. Its mindful control becomes a valuable 'intangible' asset. Transition creates wealth if that intangible's value exceeds write-down of real assets. Mindful agents for owners of such base power will accept a book loss on the traditional power source and focus on value added by ensuring addition of innovative local power sources enriches the grid, even as it diminishes demand for 'real' assets from the center.

By sponsoring OconEco workspaces, clients get their best shot at capturing such intangibles. Initial consultations, free for those who complete a basic information form, offer our views on an appropriate Service level to focus an initial workspace. We will highlight what seems most relevant from our Toolkit, which distills 50 years of designing systems to support resource allocation decisions on multiple scales and from disparate client perspectives. We will give a preliminary assessment of what you flag as your main website, in terms of our approach to Adding value.